The village called. They want their idiot back. You better get going.

And do I really look like I care what people think?

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D/L shipper, been around too long to care what others think of me anymore for my choices. As you can see, I'm a varied multifandom person. I love everything from CSI:NY(my main fandom) to Supernatural to Lost to L&O:CI, plus many, many more. I belong to way too many communities, but I love to know about my shows! I have friends from many fandoms, I'm obviously not exclusive to one. I'm a shipper(yeah, I know, but I love some of my characters potential relationships!) They are everything from canon ones(Danny/Lindsay on NY) to ones that I think would be good but probably don't stand a chance in hell of ever happening(Rossi/JJ, Criminal Minds). I do f-lock, but that's been because of some bad experiences with some people I'd rather not mention. I prefer them to stay the hell out of my journal, after all, it's for friends, not people who badmouth. So, please feel free to friend, if we have a common interest, I'll probably friend you back!

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Queen of Being Annoyed

Shipping is not an easy thing. I sometimes wish I'd never known that world.

Don't piss me off. I'm not a tolerant person. Things have happened lately on LJ that have upset me. Hate plagarism, so if all you are going to do is steal, don't bother stopping here.

What, you were expecting poetry? I'm sarcastic, people!

If you're loyal to me, I'm loyal to you. Cross me and you'll wish you hadn't. Ask my family.

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